Friday, June 3, 2011

Cicadas and Sprinklers

Last weekend we did all kinds of fun things around the house and neighborhood for Memorial Day. Every day Lil wants to "walk the block" so sometimes she'll want to just walk around the block but a lot of times we'll walk to the fire station a couple of blocks over. Last Saturday morning the truck was out and she was thrilled!Lots of hanging out on the new patio (as Brent was working on the cuts).
The Pippin! He's still doing great and acting like a happy puppy. He's so much more playful than he's been in years, something we had written off to just gradually getting older. I ran into his regular vet at the gym earlier this week and she said those types of tumors can be very slow growing, and it probably had just gotten to the point where he couldn't handle it anymore and that's when he really started acting like he felt bad.
There are still a ton of cicadas in town, but they are starting to die down some. Still a ton though - I had two dive bomb me today, plus the one that rode in on my back into the car tonight and two that landed on Lilli today. She mostly loves them. Living or dead, she will pick them up, touch them, talk to them.
And haul their dead carcasses around in her dump truck.

We also got the sprinkler out for the first time. Lilli didn't want to wear a swimsuit at first and then really warmed up to it and only wanted to wear swimwear. The thing she was most upset about was not wearing her big girl undies. Then when (in her mind) she realized they're "built in" she was happy about that.

And just a little video of Lilli playing with a live cicada (then at the end she tells them to fly away). They were SO loud last weekend it was practically deafening outside. And Brent's sawhorses were right under the cherry tree and the hundreds of them in the tree kept "watering" him all day. So gross.

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