Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cicadas and Swimming

Last weekend had to the be the peak of the whole cicada thing around here. They were everywhere and SO loud. The ones at church were so awful and just plain vicious. We got buzzed a dozen times just walking in, and at one point one landed in my hair so I swatted it off and it must've landed inside my purse. There were several inside the building, and during the service you could hear them around the auditorium. Well, a few minutes after the sermon started I heard one very close to me and jerked my head around to figure out where it was coming from when I saw it coming out of my purse!! I elbowed Brent and he grabbed it and escorted it outside. Quite a few people saw the whole thing go down and I had a few other moms give me a pat on the back outside Children's church when we were picking up our girls because I didn't scream when I saw it!All the kids in Lilli's daycare class like to jump over them, so besides picking them up, talking to them and playing with them she has to jump over everyone she sees. She does a lot of jumping.
Her little heels are always the talk of church with the older ladies in the bathroom line. They're from Target so you'd think you would see more kids in them. She's very proud of them.
Still working on the ladylike thing, especially since she's only in big girl undies now! She does like to show them off because she's often proud of the design on them.

We hit up the pool last weekend for opening weekend! The kiddie Y pool we go to is pretty awesome, the big pool is just to the left. We also get in that one, too, but Lilli spends most of her time here. There's lots of fountains and things that spit water, this was right after it closed last weekend.
We were so proud she wanted to go down this slide by herself. You have to wear a floatie and parents can't go, so I walked up to the top with her and Brent waited at the bottom to catch her. She didn't even hesitate but on the way down she leaned too far back and bumped her head (hard) so of course she came up crying and won't do it again which is such a shame. This weekend she did go to the top but then changed her mind, so maybe next week she'll go for it again.
Love this little Kate Mack swimsuit. No one makes cuter suits!
Every summer swim (most of the time) is followed by Taco Bell. There's just a Fruitista thief amongst us now.
She is really loving the pool this summer and so much easier to hang with since she can really hold her own with the bigger kids. She can really kick like she's swimming and loves to get out in the deeper end and "swim". It's going to be a very fun summer!

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