Thursday, June 16, 2011

CMA Festival 2011

Last week was easily my least favorite week of the year - CMA Festival week. When you live, work and use daycare smack in the middle of hundreds of thousands of tourists descending upon your neighborhood, it's just not fun. Admittedly it was better than last year when I literally had to drive through it to get to daycare, and then back through it to get home. Sometimes last year it took me an hour and a half to get those six miles accomplished, while this year my normal 15 minute ride home (since Lilli is one block from my office now) took 30 minutes. Still 2x, but also not an hour and a half.

Friday during lunch my pal Kirsten and I walked around all the free zones loading up as many samples as we could take away from the tourists. We'd earned them all week.I don't know her name, but she must be semi-famous because she said something about having a song about leaving home on the countdown for 19 weeks.
There's always a fun dog show where they have contests on how far they can jump.
We had the IVillage booth girl take our picture, I'm on the right. If you are going to have a photo area then maybe the people working the booth should learn how to zoom in and line things up!
There were photo ops EVERYWHERE!! The going thing was posing in front of green screens where they'd email you your pic.
Of course I just HAD to have my picture with Trace Adkins. Long story behind that one!!! So while she was snapping with the cut-out a guy with a video camera starts taping us cutting up, and then asks me to go back so he can film some more. It turns out he was from the Versus channel and needed some random footage for their coverage. So I guess I'll be on their channel sometime (or maybe already was). Perfect since we were playing a little hooky from work to walk around, ha!
Who knew their were Wrangler girls?
I don't know who that is, but lots of people were in a very long line to meet him.
Crowds and crowds and crowds! The best part was the free ice cream tent!
That kid was so incredibly made up. His parents are for sure stage parents with a vengeance, down to the way he would pose with people for pictures and plant a huge kiss on the ladies.
Maybe by next year this one will be competing in the jumping contest? Or probably not.

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