Thursday, June 9, 2011

Power Man

Normal things just don't happen to us. Last night right as we were getting ready for bed (around 11) I bumped the AC a notch or two so it would cut off and Brent could change the air filter. Once he was done he set it back on the usual and a couple of minutes the air tried to come on, but just shut back down. So we figured our AC was having some issues (pain!) and he got up to turn on the ceiling fans - except they wouldn't come on, nor would the overhead light in our room, or 2 of the 3 fixtures in the kitchen, none of the ones in the bathroom and so on. Our lamps and clocks were still on, our house is (of course) weird and things are divided strangely in the box. If it weren't for the air we wouldn't have even known about the lights until the following morning. This same thing happened 4 years ago, so Brent grabbed his electric tester and tested the two wires coming into the fuse box - and of course one of them was dead. A call to NES about 11:15 and the Power Man (as Lil calls them) showed up a few minutes after 12.They were super friendly and immediately saw the line in was corroded and loose. They used the bucket which was SO loud with flashing lights so of course Lilli woke up and was a bit scared. (Probably most of the neighborhood was awake!) They flipped all the power to the house so it was very dark. She wanted to see her Daddy so I took her outside for a minute and she got to see the Power Man. The NES trucks have been all over our neighborhood the last few weeks following the storms so it's like a celeb was here. She squealed when he came walking across the deck but she was SO sleepy I took her back in and rocked her for a while since the truck and everything was so noisy. He also noticed our gutters were clogged on that side of the house so he completely cleaned our gutters while he was up there too!! It was a slow night in Power World. I lost my flashlight and she and I found one in her room but she ended up sleeping with it so I was still without a light until the power came back on!
And our router just needed a download so the internet is back and running quickly again.
It was just too dark for us to get many good pics of the Power Man working on the house, and the ones we did take look like just a little glowing orb for the most part. Lilli did remember the whole thing this morning and wanted to know where he was. Even tonight she wanted to know where he was and if he was going to be at our house tonight (we hope not!)
They finished up around 1 am, and by around 1:30 Brent and I were back asleep. 5 am came horribly early this morning.
Other than that it's just been lots of fun summer evenings. Lilli's room stays pretty clean since we spend the evenings outdoors, taking walks or playing on our playground.

Everyone gets on board with some sliding....
Thank goodness it's almost the weekend! We could all use some extra sleep!

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