Monday, June 20, 2011


Walking to see the fire truck is still a daily request and for some reason doesn't seem to get old (if your name is Lilli).It's about a 50/50 shot if it's going to be out or not, but when it is there's always a photo opportunity. Brent did figure out the best way to keep her focused on walking is to tell her he's In Front. Apparently being In Front is huge business at school, because she does not ever want anyone else to be In Front at home. Pippin has had some things thrown at him and some angry words if he tries to be In Front. If I only I had known I would have taken a lot more Child Pysch classes in college. And by more I would mean even one. I did sign up for Pysch my last semester but ended up dropping it for Muslim Evangelism because the Pysch class had a bunch of projects and basically I just needed an easy elective to get me to graduation. Don't judge, I was top of my class and only made ONE B (all the rest A's) in my entire college career. Unfortunately an extensive knowledge of Islam gets me nowhere with Lilli.
Baby has a boo-boo. Otherwise known as marker on her forehead that won't come off, which apparently requires a Band-Aid. I've got a huge, nasty looking blister on my right hand from gardening that Lilli is quite concerned about. She also won't hold that hand.
She got a whim that she wanted to wear all her barrettes to be like her Rapunzel doll (that thing has so much hair we keep it braided with barrettes). So I went with it and I was hoping she'd never look in the mirror so we'd keep it like that for the day!
As soon as we went outside to show Brent the next thing she wanted to do was look in the mirror, so they instantly had to come out when she saw how many were actually in there. It did remind me of the first time her hair was long enough for any bows though!!
She was a tired pup tonight and actually fell asleep while we were rocking right after her bedtime story, so total time to get to sleep tonight with a pappi was 0 minutes. She did wake up after an hour and need to go to the bathroom, I think I'm going to have to upgrade her to the Underjams or something instead of just the Overnight Diapers if we do this very often. It's not easy getting her diaper back on in the dark.

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