Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!Luckily little bitty Miss is such a tiny little thing she got to wear the same exact Father's Day dress today that she wore last year! Awww! I surprised Brent with it last Father's Day and had it custom made by the lady in New York who does a lot of Lilli's special outfits. She has certainly changed a lot in a year, mainly in the hair category! Maybe next year we will REALLY have some hair to work with!
It's funny that last year the skirt was down at her ankles, and then this year it's a pretty nice knee fit. I think she will still be able to wear the skirt next year and we'll just need a new shirt.
The weekend is over way too soon! Operation "Bury the Pappi" (Lilli's word for pacifier) has gone pretty well. A lot better than either of us really imagined. The only downside has been the length of time it's been taking her to fall asleep. Friday night was 1 hour and 20 minutes, Saturday nap was 20 minutes, then 1 hour 20 minutes for Saturday night bedtime, nap time today was 1 hr 20 minutes but tonight she went to sleep within 15 minutes! So that's great hope! None of those times was she crying or throwing fits - just a LOT of talking, singing, jumping, and playing. That's all better than crying but we've been spoiled by her going to sleep within 5 minutes, totally on her own. Planting candy in the yard has been a huge help, and I did tell her tonight that there would be a LOT of candy if she went right to sleep tonight. A busy day and afternoon at the pool probably helped, along with all the hours of sleep she's missed this weekend! But that's pretty much the normal trend for her when there's been some sort of sleep habit change, the first two nights are pretty tough and by Night 3 things start being where they need to be. And she hasn't been crying over the loss of her beloved sleep pappi, so that's really been great. I expected lots of tears, tantrums and fits (even some hyperventilation) so hours of baby monitor entertainment for us following such a big change for her are fine.
She was also Miss Entertainment at church today. She apparently was very vocal in children's church - they do something where they call out letters and they said she was screaming out letters more than the older children and they were surprised how well she knows them. She loves letters and was so excited about her shirt today and learning that it spelled Dad. Then in the bathroom she was really cheering herself on in the potty and had the whole bathroom in chuckles by the time we left the stall, followed by having a grand time in her Sunday school class where they found the lost sheep and the thing she remembered most about class today - having crackers and Goldfish.
I really, really need to find a gymnastics class for this kid!
We started rearranging her room tonight to make it a "big kid" room - pulled out the changing table, we bought some new shelves this weekend, etc and it's really looking so nice and SO much more spacious!!! I am so tired of the clutter in there and plan to get rid of and pack up a lot more junk.

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