Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebs, Blue, and Things Outdoors

Last week "that guy" from the Oak Ridge boys came to the office to promote his new book (I think it was a book). He was also the Grand Marshal of the kick-off parade for the Country Music Festival in town last week.Since A) I don't know his name and B) can't tell you a single thing he or the group ever sang, my main motivation for heading downstairs was pretty much just to get away from the desk ball-chain for a few. And no one I went down with knew anything else about him either, so we just had fun lining up with him in the background and snapping a few pics. Here's Brenda and I:
Brenda and Kirsten:
Mary Anna, Brenda and Kirsten. Just a few of my favorite people I work with!
If Lilli eats her veggies or does something else that warrants some positive sugar praise, I usually have a cupcake or goodie around. Last week it was two Spider-man blue cupcakes.
We all three split the goodie cupcake, so blue tongues were had by all.
Lots of time is still being spent at the playground across the street....
Lightning bugs are now the hottest thing going...I bet we've probably collected at least sixty by this point. She's pretty good at catching them, and will transfer them from this jar to her bug carrier. Many nights they come in and get to watch her take her tubby.
Pottytraining success! For both Lilli and apparently the babies in this house. That ought to save in diapers! I think this is now the fourth week she's been wearing big kid pants all the time (when awake) and she's had very minimal accidents. She's so into it that wearing a swimsuit or swim diaper (just in case) tears her up because she wants to wear her underwear with EVERYTHING and does not understand that it just doesn't look right on top of your swimsuit! She also threw a fit because she didn't want to wear bloomers under her dress Sunday but we let that one go because the bigger fish to fry was that she wanted to wear her shark flip flops with her dress.

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