Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Micah!

This morning we went to Micah's 4th birthday party. Micah is Levi's older brother, so of course we had to go to his party and be 2 for 2 for their family parties over the past year!

First the kids just played around with some of their toys. They all played so well together, so many times there's just always that "one" kid that's horrible and has a parent who lets them run wild, but this group just plays so well together. There's Haven, Taylor, Levi and Luke and Lilli was in and out of my lap.Micah's party was a Toy Story 3 party, so Lynda had little crafts where you made foam Buzz Lightyear wings. That's Sarah and I helping Callie and Lilli make their wings. Lilli had a great time with it - especially using glue and stickers! She loves art projects.
They had Jet's pizza (yum - first time we had that since we don't have one nearby!) Afterwards Micah blew out his candles
and of course we all got to enjoy some yummy cupcakes!
Afterwards the kids ran around some more and Lilli wanted to go upstairs where some of the bigger kids were playing in Micah's room. It was a 10am-12 party (like Lilli's will be next weekend) so you could really tell when the kids started getting tired around naptime, HA!
So of course once Lilli saw Luke climb in and get comfortable she was next. And that was pretty much the signal that it was time to go home and take her own nap, in her own bed.
Poor thing almost made it home before she fell asleep, passed out with Belle in her lap. She just started melting in the car on the way home so I had to break out a paci. She only gets them now for sleeping, so once it went in she was OUT.
We had a great time at Micah's party and I can't believe next weekend we'll be celebrating Lilli's 2nd birthday!

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