Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's go to the Mall!

Kind of a boring week around here. I didn't go to Atlanta but a couple of people I work with still left yesterday, some are coming back early and others next week. Oh well, there's always next time in July! Yesterday morning our alley STILL looked like this - it's just not melting! Thank goodness Brent shoveled us a path across the deck a few days ago! I walked to the library at lunch with a coworker and several blocks were still so icy we had to hold onto fences/building to not slip.Tonight we went to the mall! (Insert Robin Sparkles video here! ) We can't go to the mall and not sing that song - from our fave show How I Met Your Mother. Any show we actually name our child after a character from must be good! Lilli's name comes from that show and we got Pippin's name from Lord of the Rings - one of Frodo's hobbit friends - the curious one - is named Pippin.

First we had dinner at Kalamatas, yum-o Greek! Lilli gets the Chicken Gyro pocket off the kids menu.
Belle came with us, but in order to stay ever so slim and fit in her princess gown she doesn't get to eat.
Then off to the Green Hills Mall! I had some things to return to Gap, so Brent and Lil played in Pottery Barn Kids while I shopped Gap. I don't think she ever made it past the (overpriced) dolls and (overpriced) strollers. Until she made it to the SUPREMELY overpriced kitchen sets. Seriously, some of their fake appliances are more than real appliances.
She had fun playing in their fake grocery stand. And it's 20% off - I'm sure that makes it only like $200 or something!
However we are thankful for places like Pottery Barn where she can play for HOURS and Gymboree where they have couches and a TV for the kids so I could shop and spend my Gymbucks while Brent played in the Apple Store.
Every trip to the mall ends with a visit to the fountain and a temper tantrum resulting from a) not being able to sit on the wall and play in the water and then b)having to eventually leave the fountain. We are the meanest parents ever.

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