Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Eve!

I can't believe this little Munchkin is going to be TWO years old tomorrow!It really seems like just yesterday that she was wearing this same little dress on her first birthday, and it swallowed her alive!
We've had a great pre-birthday weekend, a major perk of a Monday birthday. From her friends party on Saturday on it's been all about Lilli all weekend!! I've got about 900 pictures from her party to go through and pick out my favorites, which is going to be really hard to do!
I think she had a GREAT time! She had 10 of her closest buddies and their parents there, and we celebrated Baja style with lots of summery decorations, crafts and Blue Coast Burrito catered the lunch. And it was GOOD!
Between presents from grandparents and friends she's been playing with new stuff all weekend, and today she got to go to "Big Girl" church for the first time - when you're two you get to leave right before the sermon and go to a big room where they have puppets and skits and singing. As we headed over the daughter of one of her Sunday school teachers was watching for her and Lilli ran right up and headed off, never even saying good-bye to me. They said she had a great time and squealed every time a new puppet came out and even helped "shush" the older kids who were being disruptive. Ha!! We really weren't worried about how she'd do - she literally runs to Sunday school every week and never looks back so this really isn't any different.
And tomorrow we're going to take off and just play all day -maybe go to a Jumpy Place since we've never done that before or there's always good ole Chuck E Cheese. Here's hoping that Metro actually goes to school tomorrow so the big kids will all be out of the way! And we'll continue the tradition of taking her back to Baptist so she can tell the new babies born on her birthday this year Happy Birthday. (Actually this afternoon she was singing Happy Birthday to herself while she was eating some more on her cake. She didn't have the words right AT ALL, but you could tell that's the tune she was singing.)
Tonight we stuck with our annual tradition of going out for Mexican food on her birthday eve. The night before she was born we ate at the Las Palmas downtown, and we went back last year the night before her birthday as well. That's seriously the worst of their locations (dirty + awful services) so after last year we decided we'd just stick with that chain so tonight we ate at the one on 8th/Franklin Road. It was ok and Lilli enjoyed her food, but we really like the Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood better so next year we may just eat "Mexican".
(*And yes, she was eating a piece of bread in the earlier pictures - that's what we get for having her help put up the groceries every week before Brent snaps her Sunday pictures. She also has a little lizard in her hand, and in her Mexican rest picture there are two little frogs on the left side. We are ALWAYS having to take little animals/dolls with us everywhere we go!!!)

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