Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunday Fun!

Just a few pics of Lilli in her cute gingerbread dress last Sunday. We've been busy with the upstairs remodel (Brent) and tons of end of year photography business taxes (me) as well as regular bills, work, house stuff, etc. And of course Lilli. She's busy with trains and babies and underwear. Big girl stuff.

I will probably not buy her any more Gymboree tights until she's 12! They rip up way too easy for her the way she climbs and crawls around on everything. But this picture turned out so cute!

Can't believe she'll be 2 in just 2.5 weeks! Hard to believe. Party planning is also bigtime underway. We're not inviting nearly as many people this year (65 people was WAY too many last year and the "hostess" where we had it last year was 100% useless). I've pretty much cut the list in more than half and am keeping it to her closest buddies. And we're planning to have it here at home. Most every place we looked at was wicked expensive just to host, and then the only food you were allowed was food (aka pizza) they ordered/provided at massive markup. So instead we've got a cute theme she will LOVE planned for here and we're going to have the food catered and make that the "nice" part of the party. Who wants to go somewhere goofy and have bad food? I've got most everything on order already, so hopefully it won't end up being hectic at the last minute. And in a couple more years when she can REALLY enjoy it we'll rent out the bouncy places or have it somewhere a little more exciting.

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