Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Big 2: The Cake!

We kept it pretty simple with the cake/cupcakes for Lilli's party this year. Last year's Monkey Smash Cake and Monkey Cupcakes were pretty time consuming. And I really didn't see anything super cute to make her cupcakes into, other than some various shark and surfboard themes. For her special cake we just made a white cake with icing and candles.
We actually practiced blowing candles out for a couple of weeks but when everyone was singing to her she got really shy and wouldn't blow them out. I bought custom cupcake toppers for her off of Etsy - they were SO cute. They had her name, hula girls, the #2, and a few other various things on them that fit perfectly with her party theme. I also got custom Favor Bag Tags that matched.
Love this one Adam took of Heath taking a picture of Lilli.
Kiddos enjoying cupcakes and party horns!
Digging in.
Taylor cracked us up - he did NOT like the party horns. I heard him tell some of the other boys a few times to quit blowing them, and once he came and told Lynda that Micah wouldn't quit blowing his horn. Hilarious.
Yum Cake!!!!
What comes after cake? Presents!!!!

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