Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Baby Wray Day!

First of all, I am probably going to have to sue Milton Bradley. Not because their packaging on a new toy gave Lilli a paper cut, but for my pain and anguish from listening to her talk on and on and on about her Band-Aid ALL DAY TODAY. The poor child wouldn't even use that hand because she was staring at her Barbie Band-Aid all day, had to tell everyone she saw about it and even showed it to the cashier at Zaxby's tonight who thought it was hilarious. And told me Lilli was the cutest thing she'd ever seen (totally true.)She was also incredibly proud of her outfit for Adam and Julia's baby shower. She had wanted to wear it all day (not a chance!), so when she got to wear it tonight she was twirling and showing out for Brent. Her skirt has skulls and cross-bones on it and I just love it! I ordered it from the same Etsy shop I get a lot of Lilli's custom things from (like her Dad outfit from Father's Day.)
Here's Lilli with the guests of honor - Julia and (maybe) Baby Ella.
Baby showers have a completely different feel now with all the toddlers making off with the presents, helping open the presents and generally causing chaos. Here's Lilli and Haven admiring a rubber duckie.
And here's Haven and Rachel trying to make off with Baby Ella's new whirpool tub! Where was that when we were having Lilli???
Trying to get a pic of some of the kids with Adam and Julia? Impossible. Too much playing to do! And for some bizarre reason Lilli became attached to a doll of Haven's that had no pants.
The party attendees:
If you know Lilli you know she LOVES dogs. And every dog she sees is the most exciting thing in the world. I've seriously had so many people out walking their dogs past our house ask if she's ever been around dogs much because she gets SO excited for each and every one, and they always look at me like I'm a bit crazy when I explain that we do in fact have a dog of our very own that she loves very much. Tonight when not destroying Haven's room, helping open gifts, or running through their house with chips Lilli tortured poor Max, chasing him in and around, and even under most of the furniture. When the poor guy did get a break from her Lilli followed around poor Jana trying to get him back. However, I would say this is a VAST improvement from Lilli walking around with her face in Evelyn's dog's rear end at her first birthday party last year.
Just 6 more weeks until Lilli and (maybe) Baby Ella can hang out! Yippee!

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