Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just the Usual

Well, still no Atlanta. The trip keeps getting moved and moved and (maybe) would start on Thursday through early next week, but that doesn't really work for me and getting everything ready for Lilli's birthday the following weekend. So, I'm not going and it's possible that no one will go since nothing seems to be improving in Atlanta - this slideshow shows everything we want to avoid! And several vendors have had to cancel and the whole thing is just sort of a mess. Oh well, not much you can do about the weather!

Thankfully daycare was back open today and at the regular time! The roads were really clear, the worst part was just backing out of our driveway in the alley! It's never easy backing out, wedging the car between the fences, but snow makes it just a little slippier. And Brent so nicely documented that I ran over the pile of stuff beside their trash cans. We both had trouble getting back in this afternoon, Brent had to shovel out and use shingles and still made some rather awful squealing of the tires as he floored it towards my car.Brent took some pics around Ingram during lunch. They got more snow than us, more like 5.5 inches south of town.

Lots of cleaning and organizing going on around here. Just another night playing with the paint stripping heat gun.
And brushing of the teeth. She prefers an adult toothbrush. After trying the kiddie ones and even an electric one, the plain old Adult version is her favorite.
More snow tonight and the roads are already white again. Ugh!!!! So ready for spring and for things to warm up around here!

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