Monday, January 31, 2011

The Big 2: Presents

This has to be about the most documented 2nd birthday party ever!!!! But I only have a few minutes each night and way too many pictures to do it any other way.

Even though our invitations always say "no presents" people always bring a ton of presents. And we really do mean it, she has a ton of stuff and at this point she has no idea what a birthday is or why in the world all these people were in her house, so might as well enjoy that while it lasts since next year she probably will be expecting presents!But she really does enjoy opening things now, and has gotten the hang of it. She was much better at opening and then opening the next present in line than she was at Christmas.

She loved all her presents and she's a pretty big fan of cards right now, too!
A pass to Peek-a-Boo playtown! Yay!!!
A puzzle from Adam and Julia - she wanted to talk about all the letters and the pictures on them. She's starting to get pretty good with counting and can identify several letters, just not really in order.Oh my! Plates! You shouldn't have!
So now we have LOTS of Thank You notes to do!!!!

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