Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just us, being Silly

Potty training brings a lot of inappropriate outfits around our house lately. It's just easier when she's not wearing pants to get to the potty quickly, and a lot of times that can lead to some pictures that otherwise probably just wouldn't be funny. Later she added her cowboy boots to this ensemble. No lie. Just having a little post dinner conversation. She was finishing up her apple slices and Pippin had a keen, keen eye on it in case something should get dropped. Because he is our vacuum that after 7 years hasn't lost a bit of suction, so in that way he's probably a lot better than a Dyson. And WAY better than our Hoover.
One thing I appreciate about our family is that no matter what angle Brent starts snappping pics at we all manage to make sure we are seen and are looking in the right direction. After looking at many a friend's family pictures I appreciate how easily coordinated we are.
Off to the side - once again, we are all looking!
And back toward the front. Once again Pippin makes sure he can be seen. That's talent.
Happy almost Friday! Here's hoping we don't get snow because we have a weekend of baby showers and birthday parties! Speaking of, all the stuff for Lilli's party came today - the plates, paper products, craft projects and treat stuff for the kiddos! YAY! We just have to shoot the invitation this weekend and figure out the cake (make or buy?) and I think I may actually be organized!!! Of course if snow this weekend means nice weather in two weeks then BRING IT!

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