Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Party Pics, Part 2

Callie (a May or June baby) with Lindsey (Taylor's Mom). Callie is a church buddy of Lilli's (and so is Lindsey).

Levi, a June baby along with our friend Katie. Levi and Katie are church buds. Levi's grown a lot since this pic of us in Sept and especially this one!
Here's Jackson, he was born Dec 31, 2008 so he just celebrated his first birthday! He's the little boy of a friend I used to work with at Ingram. And he's grown a lot since he and Lilli's first playdate!
After lunch we had storytime in the play area. Story time started with 10 Little Monkey's. Here's as much of the group that could fit in the photo!
Lilli was listening intently.....
An awful picture of me but it cracks me up that Maevy is going after Taylor's hat....
She got so into the story that she just marched right up there to get a closer look. And hey, it's her party she can do that! And she took her buddy Taylor right with her.
Then we had singing/dancing time where they played about 3 songs for the kids to enjoy.
Aaron got way into the music and just crawled on up to Tammy for a solo! Hilarious! (On a side note, Ms Cynthia (the director) had Aaron out in the hall this afternoon and Lilli saw him and just started squealing! I know she missed a lot of her little buddies back in Infant 2!)
After singing/dancing she read Wheels on the Bus and then it was time for cake and cupcakes! More of cake/cupcakes to come tomorrow, along with the rest of her guest photos!

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  1. Y'all got a lot of great pictures!! I still can't believe it has already been a year! :)