Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Well, today ended up being a snowday. This is now Snow #4 for the season, if you're counting. Two in December, and two already in January. We probably got around 4 inches at our house. Lilli was pretty excited to see it when she got up, and it wasn't hard to get her through breakfast and ready to go play in it. Pippin is only excited until he's actually out in it!Head to toe in pink! That poor snowsuit is a size 12M and it's too short now but I never saw a used one this past consignment season, so we have had to wedge her in it each time this year!
It was good snowball snow for sure! Not too great for snowman building this morning, it would pack but not roll.

She just LOVES snow. Eating it is a major problem, she just wants to eat and eat and eat it.
She got in trouble MANY a time today for eating the snow.
Naturally Pippin lasted just a few minutes and then watched us play from one of the front windows.
This afternoon after nap time we went back out to build a snowman. It melted a LOT today, it was only about 33 but it just melted very quickly and the roads were really clear by around 10 or 11 am. We went with a 2011 theme for this snowman. I had more Twizzlers for his mouth but Lilli ate them.

So hopefully tomorrow won't be another snow day for Lilli. It's very frustrating to have to take unplanned vacation time, and yet still have to pay someone who isn't even actually watching my child that day. Must be nice. Most daycares on the snow report tonight seemed to be opening a couple of hours late so hopefully that's all we'll have to deal with tomorrow, and of course I don't have a clue if I will actually be going to Atlanta this week or not!

We are SO ready for spring!

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