Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Kairo!

Today we went to Kairo's third birthday party. It seems like just the other day we were going to his second birthday! Four of the kids in the group shot are the same from last year - Kairo seated in the floor opening his pic and all the kids (including Lilli) to the right side of the pic. The two on the left side are brand new this year since they are 2010 babies - with the baby next to Kairo being his little brother!Brent didn't take very many pics, so I stole this one from Mark's facebook account because I think it's just hilarious! That's birthday boy Kairo and our friend Leslie scaring him with the dino puppet they got him for his birthday. It was so good to see all our East-side art friends today and hang out! Leslie and her husband Shawn were some of the first people we met when we moved downtown, her husband also does a lot of art in the neighborhood (which is how we met them!)
His party was dinosaur themed, a concept Lilli can always enjoy! He's also a HUGE fan of Dinosaur Train and got one of the big mechanical toys for his birthday.
Lilli absolutely cracked me up - all the other kids wandered off while he was opening presents and she wanted to sit right next to him and watch each and every present being opened. She was actually pretty good and didn't try to steal anything from the birthday boy, and only got into one "Mine" sharing fit the whole party (which was great because she practically got no nap today.)
One of the great things about her being almost-2 is that she can be so much more self sufficient, play with other kids and let us socialize at parties. Thankfully she's very social so once she feels confident in a situation (usually about a 10 min warm-up) she'll go and play and let us have nice adult conversation without (generally) being too destructive. And if she needs something she will get whatever adult is around to help her - from giving chips she didn't want to our friend Susan today to having some random party go-er help her with a Band-Aid - all I know is she went with it on one finger and came home with it perfectly wrapped on a different finger.

Tonight we also practiced Skyping with my coworker Kirsten and her little girl Chloe. This is Market week in Atlanta, so in theory I am supposed to be leaving on Tuesday for Atlanta, returning on Saturday. Of course we are supposed to be getting a ton of snow tonight, with Atlanta getting more. So, who knows what will happen tomorrow or on Tuesday - especially since Monteagle stands in-between us. But if we do go we've got Skype all set up on our home computers and laptops so we can still see our little doodlebugs while we're gone!
More joys of potty-training - I can't wait until we are back in pants 100%!!! It's bad when you can't even relax on the couch without a diaper bottom in your face!
And then to top it all off she wanted to "fix" my hair for me. She had one AWFUL hair day today! We were both trying to get it to lay down this morning and I think she got self conscience of her hair because she was wanting to comb it again tonight!
Here's hoping we DON'T have a snow day tomorrow, ugh!

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