Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day....

We had a nice and all-American type of Memorial Day weekend. Lilli and I spent all morning outside playing in pretty much every type of available water-toy we have while Brent spent the day working in our shower. All of us in water! We started our morning off by introducing her to the fun of water balloons for the first time. I've got no clue why Pippin wanted to go inside. A little maxing, relaxing, and sunning at our water table.
Then we thought we'd break out the sprinkler. The plants needed some water and we thought she might want to play in it. And by "play in it" she thought we meant stand at the edge and get some leaves wet. (On a side note, planting the garden in early March has really paid off!!!)
So I donned one of Brent's big t-shirts and some shorts and thought I'd show her how to run through it. At first she was reasonably excited....
Then came the realization that the water was right at her eye level.
And then came tears and crying and all kinds of girl drama. Nothing an Icee pop couldn't fix though.After naps we headed over to our youth minister's house for a good ole fashioned Memorial Day cookout. They had invited several of the other young families over to hang out, play games and eat. They had a slip n slide set up for the kiddos. Lilli and Hank had a love-hate relationship going over sharing it. As in, they loved to hate sharing it.

She never would even get in the water until literally about 3 hours later, when no one was watching - all of a sudden she sprinted across their large yard and just dove in it. It was really quite the scene.
Her main attraction for the evening was "catching lobsters". Or, some people might call them crawdads. In their creekbed, their three kids love flipping over large rocks and catching things. This is probably a reason why I'll avoid all houses that come with a creekbed, if we end up moving. Some of these things were ENORMOUS.

They had two ice cream buckets where they'd keep all the things they found. Luckily Lilli never got bold enough to really touch them, but she was all about it.
She was so funny just sitting on the side of the bed watching the older ones all pick up things. Thankfully she never fell in or got coerced to get in there.
But she was deemed official bucket carrier - she was constantly running that bucket all over the place when they called for her. I can't say I was thrilled for that assignment.
Official corn hole assistant is a task I approved of much more! Not sure how this happened - Brent and I went inside to gather up all the food we brought and when we came back out she was catching all the bean bags for our preacher and youth minister.All in all we had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

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