Sunday, December 11, 2011

Second Thanksgiving, Part 2

Just a few more pics to post from Thanksgiving.....

The annual family pic...for some reason Brent and Cody seem to think it was a lot warmer than the rest of us!We didn't get a lot of pics of the dogs together, but Chloe and Pippin obviously got along really well this time! They played together really well and napped together quite well too!
After Bruce and his fam left to head back to Cincy we all relaxed around the house a bit and then went out for Mexican food.
Lilli and Grandpa.
We packed up and headed home. Poor Lilli was exhausted from about 4 days of no naps and late nights, but she was still really in a pretty good mood. At home that night we got a pizza and had a "movie night" to just relax. Old Pippin was worn out, too.
Now we can finally fast forward into all the fun holiday stuff we've been up to!

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