Thursday, December 15, 2011


Lots of loving for all the animals around here. Of course hand-feeding them treats never hurts.This is what Lilli's bed typically looks like after "nap time". On this particular Saturday most of her art table ended up in her bed along with her What God Wants for Christmas toy and a lot of books.
This is the only picture we took at our Sunday School class Christmas party a few weeks ago! It's nice that she's old enough to go off to the playroom with the older kids and we pretty much only see her when she needs to go to the bathroom. She also brought me her socks at one point. This was right before we left so the kids had mostly broken up and headed home, but the girls were still finishing up Little Mermaid.
She's our little Laundry Nazi. She's constantly checking my dryer for towels (they're usually a dry load in there pretty much all the time!) and unloading them in any "basket" she can find.
She rolls everything up in this little "log" shape. We're working on folding. She's also very much into helping cook dinner every night and loading the dishwasher. She really does LOVE to help. We should probably come up with a little allowance or something, but some days I'll tell her she was such a great helper she can pick out a new toy out of the prize box or have a piece of candy and that's pretty much enough motivation for her!
About a week and a half ago we went to Target to do Christmas shopping for her and also Angel Tree shopping. She latched onto this Barbie with bicycle combo and we have NEVER seen her want something so bad. She drug this thing all over the store and wouldn't even trust us enough to put it in the buggie.

All smiles when Barnie made it home with us. The helmet is just hilarious. Safety first.
To Lilli, From Lilli. The gift that just keeps on giving.
So glad tomorrow is Friday! We've got a birthday party for one of her friends, Finn, this weekend. I was telling her tonight at bedtime that we were going to go to his party this weekend and she got all excited. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: Tomorrow's Friday!
Lilli: Duby time? (That's what they call their special music class)
Me: Yep, you'll probably have Duby time tomorrow. And then on Saturday we're going to Finn's birthday party!
Lilli: Finn's Birthday! We're going to Finn's party?
Me: Yup, we're going to Finn's party!
Lilli: Is Finn gonna be there?
Me: Yeah, I'm pretty sure Finn is going to be at this one!


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