Saturday, December 3, 2011

Next Time I'll Sit on his Lap

We've had a ridiculously busy weekend, as all weekends this time of year have been. I think up until this point I took about 10 minutes to just sit down and do nothing this afternoon before we went to a Christmas Party. And I made myself do that one because we'd been up and running around all weekend.

But it's all been fun stuff and whenever I catch up to that point we have several good pictures from the Kids Ministry "Bounce with Santa" event. Except for the actual Santa part. She screamed and ran up to him (in a happy way) when he walked in, but when it was time to sit on his lap for the world of paparazzi she screamed in an entirely different way.However, today we were talking about it and she said "next time I'll sit on his lap". We'll see. We may try to hit up the Bass Pro (free) Santa one night this week. I am not paying good money for a photo opp that could yield similar results.
The actual bounce part was much more to her liking, once she gets comfortable with the larger slides she becomes fearless. Thankfully her gymnastics weren't quite as wild as some of the bigger kids she like to imitate! She had a blast. She also had a great time at our Sunday class's Christmas party tonight. She cozied up with some older girls and they ended up playing with all kinds of princess toys and watching some of Little Mermaid and Aladdin and we hardly saw her all night, except for when we had to be located as she ran through the house telling everyone she had to go potty!

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