Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bounce with Santa

About a week and a half ago, our church had a Bounce with Santa Christmas party for the kids at an area bouncy house. I already posted a picture or two of Bounce with Santa, but never really posted about it.

They started it out with pizza for the adults and kids, then brought in Santa. Lilli was SO excited when he walked in the room, got up and ran over to him to say Hi. But when it came time to sit in his lap - she wasn't having it. She doesn't mind talking to Santa or seeing him, it's just being around him by herself without me right there that's not floating her boat this year. So this is her first Santa pic of the year for 2011:Ha! At least it was a free Santa event.
And she will tell you that she did not sit in Santa's lap, that Mommy did. It's pretty funny to hear her talk about the events of the night. Then they were all unleashed to the bouncy rooms. That's what she was excited about anyway!! She loves to bounce, and we think it's a lot of fun too!! Good thing she's still small enough she "needs" us around to help sometimes.
She can do a lot of the climbing and obstacles now (here she is with Zach and Audrey), but she did get stuck in the middle of one and an older kid came and found us and told us she was stuck and crying. She had climbed over one side but couldn't make it through to the other side. Brent had to go and fish her out.
She loved the big slide. Once I went down it with her a few times she became pretty fearless.

The bigger kids were doing all sort of crazy jumps and flips, so of course she picked up on it and started taking flying leaps down the slide.

She had so much fun that as soon as we got in the car (WAY past her bedtime) she immediately wanted to go and bounce with Santa again. And anytime we mention Christmas parties or seeing Santa she asks if she will also get to bounce again. Ha!!!!

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