Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cheer!

Our house smells ridiculously good right now - here's the culprit.Italian Herb Bread. It tastes just like bread dipped in all the olive oil and herb goodness and wow - you really should be able to smell our house. We made three fresh loaves this afternoon to give to Lilli's school teachers, along with some good pasta and sauce from World Market and some other goodies. Hopefully it will be a nice "practical" gift, along with tins of all the cookies we made this weekend. My oven has been our MVP the last two days.
Someone did not want to pose in her pretty Christmas dress. I don't know who that could be.
She is a mess. If she could have figured out the magic combo of buttons on her microphone I think we would have had a fabulous nap time serenade. It always makes me laugh to see what she gets up and puts in the bed with her after we "put her down". That's exactly why we just let her be and don't go in and yell (usually).
But it does always leave me wondering how in the world she fell asleep with Big Bird's rear end in her face and her prized Rudolph puzzles under her rear end?

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