Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Buzz

I did forget to mention on my gift list I'd like a small umbrella - one of the little "totes" type that fold down really small. I need something like that for my gym bag for all these rainy days. We have a ton of the larger ones, but I need something lightweight. Poor Buzz, he's mostly on the outside looking in. Every once in a while when he decides to camp out on the back-porch (thus blocking Pippin from the facilities) he gets to come through and be transported back to his spot on the front porch.
I have lots of Thanksgiving pictures to post but that takes more time than I have this week. So all of these are from right after Thanksgiving. Last week we put up the 7 foot fake tree in Lilli's room. She loves it, and we've filled it with Disney, Santa, and other random ornaments she wanted in there. It's a great bargaining tool because we let her sleep with the lights on (until we go to bed) if she behaves, listens, and gets ready for bed when asked.
Her nativity also features Santa. She's equal opportunity like that. She did want to know if Santa would be at church tonight. I wanted to say "No, but Jesus will be" except I knew she'd take me literally.
Pippin is also quite proud of the tree. She refers to this one as "Lilli, Pippin and Buzz's tree" and the main tree as mine and Brent's.

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