Saturday, December 10, 2011

Second Thanksgiving, Part 1

Second Thanksgiving was spent the second half of the week with my family in West Tennessee.

Pippin was excited to play Barbies with Lilli and Kacey. The girls did a little turnip hunting out in the garden.
Cody caught some fish.
While Kacey mostly just caught the back of her own hair.
Grandpa tried to teach the girls the fine art of patiently waiting on the fish and being quiet so as not to scare them away.
Some shooting was done by the guys.
Lilli tackled Cody in the dog beds.
Grandpa had an assistant pool player.
Lilli had an assistant snack eater.
Some movie watching took place, although most of her time was spent sliding down the stairs face first with Kacey.
That's just the first day of "2nd Thanksgiving." We've had a busy weekend of Santa sightings, shopping, and a Pajama donut breakfast at church this morning. We topped it off with some shopping tonight and a visit to Hallmark to pick out her annual ornament. I'd say that was the memorable moment, but in reality when she had an accident in the middle of Hallmark, leaving a giant puddle in their floor, I think the memory of picking out her ornament is going to be more about the puddle each year than the Barbie ornament she picked out! Oh well, at some point I was sure she'd have a public accident and it might as well be in good ole Hallmark!

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