Monday, December 5, 2011

Here and There

We had such a busy, but fun weekend. I could use a day just to sleep and relax, but somehow Lilli is still singing Jingle Bells from her crib over an hour past bedtime!

Right before Thanksgiving we made a few cookies for her teachers. I know I have a turkey but I could never find it so we made pumpkins and leaves. Besides rolling them evenly, she did everything. The cutting, putting it on the sheet, etc.We made Thanksgiving hand turkey cards for her three teachers, and filled some little ceramic bakers with the cookies, some Pilgrim hats we made (fudge stripes + Reeses) and Thanksgiving trail mix (candy corn + peanuts, tastes just like Payday candy bar!) You can also see where she signed her name on each of them, the big long "sticks". We did give her the easiest name ever to write.
Right before Thanksgiving we did homemade pizzas. You can tell which one is hers - no sauce! But she does like pepperoni.
She really like playing with my old Night Night doll. Brent is constantly telling her to be careful with it, which cracks me up because I'm thinking if it lasted through my childhood it must be pretty solid!

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