Friday, December 16, 2011

Decking the Halls

This year we actually didn't end up buying a tree for the first time since we've been in this house (5 years). It was so rainy earlier this month and we do have a nice, large artificial we bought a long time ago we can use in the attic. So, we saved about $100 bucks and drug it downstairs and got it all decorated up.I'm also determined to get rid of a ton of extra Christmas junk, so as we unloaded all the Christmas containers I went through and sent pretty much a carload to Goodwill with Brent. I had WAY more ornaments and things than I could ever use.
Someone has been a big fan of the daily chocolate advent calendar.
We "watched" the Grinch while we trimmed the tree.
In Lilli's room I did her mantle in Santa decorations.
Our main mantle also has Santa decor along with just some general red and other Christmas stuff. We did get individual hangers for the stockings last week.
In the dining room I do garland and put out snowglobes and pics from Christmases past.
Nothing too over the top this year, just enough to be spruced up for the season and not spend a million years pulling it in and out. I'm also got poinsettias for the table and some things for the kitchen I'll have to take pictures of before the season is over!

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