Thursday, December 22, 2011

Out and About

Puzzles are absolutely one of her favorite things right now. She can work 24 & 30 piece puzzles in the bat of an eye. Her teachers gave her a little 24-piece Tigger one for Christmas and she worked it all by herself on the first try.It's become impossible to take a pretty Sunday picture anymore.
This one got Pippin hi-jacked.

This was about a week and a half ago, the heater was broken in the auditorium so we had to meet elsewhere in the building and it was BLAZING hot. After church that evening we stopped for ice cream/sorbets at Jenni's. Brent thought we were silly but it was SO good, as Jenni's always is!
Much to our surprise, we pulled back the blinds one night to see someone who is for sure NOT Buzz Lightyear enjoying his dinner. We actually see possums a good bit in our yard. Either that or we have some seriously large city rats (entirely possible). Yuck. Lilli named him Woody. He will NOT be added to the family Christmas card, ever. She did ask if she could pet him. Ugh.
Last Friday my division had its annual Christmas breakfast at Union Station (gorgeous downtown hotel across the street from our office). Afterwards we all get the rest of the day off to holiday shop. I didn't have anything else I really needed to get so I picked up Lilli early (at about 10 am) and took her over to the downtown library to see the puppet show, since we never get to do that sort of thing.

After going to one I can't say we are missing out. The little room was full of a bunch of ridiculously noisy kids (so much so that a lot of times you couldn't even hear what was going on) and their oblivious moms. I'm talking about a ton of toddlers WAY too young to be there, and completely distracting. This was a marionette show, and since they were the type of puppets where the librarians had to move them around they wore these black masks so you couldn't "see" their faces.
Very strange. It was sort of like the puppets were being held hostage.
But Lilli enjoyed it and that's all that mattered! We came home, watched Frosty and enjoyed some lunch and naps!
She has also since decorated her bed for Christmas. Her idea. It's quite festive!

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