Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shopping Til We Drop

Pippin is a big fan of Lilli's toddler bed....I know if we didn't keep the gate up at night he'd be asleep with her in her bed.Lilli in her turkey shirt, she also wore it last year. I'm a-ok with her being on the small side and getting two years of wear out of most stuff!
About a week and a half ago we went out shopping on Friday night in Green Hills. We had to hit up our favorite Greek place first.
Macy's had a big thing for you to send letters to Santa.
She can't write, but she drew a big smiley face for Santa and signed her name. You may have to click on it to see the detail,but she really does some amazing faces. She was blowing me away at church tonight with the smiley faces she was drawing. We'll have to scan some in because I think it's super impressive for her age.
Doing a little shopping in the brand new Container Store in town. So glad we finally have one of those!!!!
She and Brent played in Pottery Barn Kids while I shopped in Gap for jeans. Cleanliness first!
This may also be one you have to click on to really see..but this nice older guy was handing out candy samples from his candy kiosk and gave her a chocolate "sucker". Messiest thing EVER. We ended up having to take it away from her in Gap Kids because it was just so gross and all over her hands and face and I knew it would get everywhere in their perfect store. They have a new long sleeve Pippin shirt that of course we went home with!! He is such the fashion icon.
At the end of our night because she'd been such a good listener while we shopped that we stopped at Christie Cookie and got a treat. This picture just cracks me up.
I wasn't actually ignoring her, I was just busy posting a cute picture of her on Facebook!!

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