Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Sebastian!

Weekend before last we went to a birthday party for Lilli's friend Sebastian from school. We normally make a card for her friends and let her do all the design work. She was really feeling a mix of Toy Story and fall stickers. We asked her to draw a picture of her friend, and then she also drew all of us plus Pippin. I'm sure they loved that. Her faces are getting really, really good - she always does eyes, nose, mouth and sometimes mustache.I have no explanation for the "happy tiger with lots of feet". That one is pure imagination.

The party was from 11:30-1:30, and from the second she got up (usually around 8:30) on Saturday morning she was ready to GO. We even got her to start watching for the clock to be on a certain spot because she was driving us nuts! The girl loves to bounce! I have to say, Bounce U did a great job and it's hands down the best kids birthday party we've been to. They did a fantastic job of keeping the kids occupied and the party coordinator gets in there and has a blast.
Of course us parents did too.....(this is Brent going down one of the slides). What I like about their parties is you move from room to room, and it's just your party so there's not open play or other party guests all in your space. You really get to enjoy the bounce rooms and enjoy all your friends.
We didn't take our nice cameras, so we mostly have pictures of her just running from space to space from our camera phones. Several of her best friends were there, and you'd hear them all calling around for each other to play.
They had a little baseball type area, she and Natalie were mostly just climbing all over it.
The girls trying to figure out air hockey....
The party coordinator going down the big slide with the birthday boy Sebastian and Avery.
Lilli and I going down the big slide. Once she warmed up to it she really liked it.
They served pizza for lunch. Lilli ate almost that whole piece! She does like pizza, but rarely will eat that much of it. She worked up a good bounce appetite!! (That's Nykiel and Natalie next to her. Nykiel's mom is really nice, and at this party we also got to meet his dad who is some sort of big chemical engineer scientist person. Unfortunately they're moving away in January for his job. They're very interesting, they are very traditional and are actually the result of an arranged marriage! )
The kids eating lunch - Nykiel, Lilli, Natalie and Elizabeth with Avery, Sebastian and a boy we didn't know on the other side. While we ate we got to visit with the others parents, they're all very nice and many of them live in our neighborhood as well. Sebastian actually lives two streets over, five blocks up.
When it's cake/present time the birthday kid gets to sit on the throne.
Sebastian's mom shared the balloons before we left. This balloon obsessed kid wanted to sleep with hers (of course). When it deflated I made the mistake of throwing it away. I've since been called out for it (she really never forgets a balloon) and we've had to blow up a regular green one for her. Point taken.
We had a great time at Sebastian's birthday and if (major if, I'd rather Disney cruise) we have a 3rd birthday party for Lilli it will for sure be at Bounce U!

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