Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gentry's Farm Pumpkin Patch Visit, Part 2

Finally! Blogger is cooperating with uploads. Here's the last few pumpkin patch pictures from this year, and the actual pumpkin ones!

Unfortunately they had some frost that morning, so the patch was a little wilty but that just makes it look more wintery/fallish. We sent her out looking for her pumpkin...luckily even though it was fairly crowded the patch is pretty big so it's not too hard to get pictures without other people in the background!
But most of South Nash had already been and they really didn't have much in the way of orange pumpkins! Not sure why they hadn't just tossed some of the orange ones out there, but there were lots of green ones to choose from!
All of the oranges ones out there were rotten or messed up in some way, but we did let her pick up a few to get some pictures! A little rot never hurt anyone.

Her stomach was hurting her a little so we left and headed for some lunch at Otters. She was pestering Grandpa and trying to get into his drink.
Not really sure he will be allowed to babysit anytime soon....
That day was also her 1,000 day birthday! We keep track of it pretty closely since Brent does her picture a day project, and that's how we organize all our pictures (by day). It's really the only way to do it since we have SO many pictures. We've done several cupcake pictures for the big milestones ones, so we wanted to do that for this one as well. We ended up getting this cupcake from Gigis. We haven't been there in ages and their cupcakes are over the top.
She picked one of the special Halloween ones with a pumpkin on top.

I think she's actually talking in this one and saying "pumpkin cupcake" but it comes across as such a foul, angry picture when she really wasn't. Hilarious.
"Cheese". Which is why we typically don't have her say cheese or anything else!!
I think this one is pretty obvious - "quit taking my picture and let me eat this cupcake".
Actually all she ever ate of it were the sprinkles. It's pretty nice to bribe her with things like cupcakes and suckers. She loses interest really quickly so she never ends up getting all that much sugar to begin with.

We had a great weekend from Sebastian's birthday party to going to the movies to see Puss in Boots to taking a nature walk and making some fun leaf craft projects! And it was "nice" to get that extra hour of sleep, except Lilli woke up at her normal 8 am, which is now 7 am. No biggie since that's when I have to get up anyway but it's SO much easier to get ready in the morning before she's up and she was a little grouchier than normal at church. We're not looking forward to it getting dark basically as soon as we get home, but we have looked up several fun art projects and things to do to keep us busy and out of trouble this fall. Should be fun!

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