Saturday, November 5, 2011

School Pics

We've had a full day, from the fun birthday party at Bounce U for her friend Sebastian, to go to the movies to see Puss in Boots, to doing some shopping so I'm too lazy to post much of anything.

Yesterday we got back her first school pictures that were taken a few weeks ago. I think they're just hilarious.

They gave all the kids these little brushes that she is just crazy about, and I can tell she used it on her hair multiple times before this one, giving her a lovely mullet look and brushing out her natural little ringlets! Cute smile, but I didn't buy any of this one.

This one cracks me up with the little arm thing and cute smile. Either they have some good photographers or it was just all exciting with her little pals around, but she did so well smiling for them! Normally she won't pose for other people. Our church directory picture was a nightmare, but that guy was also very weird.The hand on the hip just cracks me up. This one was my favorite!
Luckily it didn't show her feet - she was wearing bright pink socks and some strange shoes, her choice (of course) and not a hill to die on. I had never even thought they might show that much of her.

I ended up buying several of #2 and #3, some wallets and I think 4x6s to give out. We'll also get a collage that shows all the kids in the school which I think will be so adorable! She just cracks me up with all her little friends, on the way home from the party today she kept wanting to know where Natalie, Avery, Sebastian, Elizabeth and Miykel had all gone. I guess she just expected the party would continue on all day!

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