Saturday, November 12, 2011


Here's a few pics from this year's Halloween night festivities.

Initially, Lilli wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. We got her that costume, and then she changed her mind to Princess Ariel. I really liked Buzz better because it would've made for a cuter family costume, but we still made Buzz work.

Pippin got to re-wear his lobster costume and be Ariel's best friend Sebastian. He was a lobster 4 years ago when Brent and I were chefs and kept him in a huge pot on the front porch. He really doesn't mind dressing up.Watching for trick or treaters. We really didn't end up giving out much candy, we were gone from 6-8 and then had to get Lilli in bed.
The family. Brent as Prince Eric and me as the evil Ursela. We spayed my hair white and stacked it high like Ursula's and then painted my face purple. The purple ended up looking grape, and then by the end of the night was super flaky and didn't look so hot.
No good family pictures were made of the four of us.
We hit our street and then headed up towards the main thoroughfare.

Traffic gets ridiculous heading towards Eastland.
This is just in the street. I always tell people about the throngs of trick or treaters we get, but this pretty much shows it. When we give out candy, we usually run out around 250 trick or treaters. Many streets are closed off by police just because of the crowds and safety. It's nuts. There's nothing going on here, this is just trick or treating.
Waiting in line to get candy? That's not normal.
We didn't go to many of the busiest houses because it's just candy and not that important. The less insanely popular streets were more fun. She's pointing at the blue lights of a police car directing traffic. She ended up getting plenty of candy, nearly 3 pounds worth, and we headed home after about 2 hours.
Checking out the loot...

Mmm, candy!! We had to let her have a couple of pieces after all that hard work! She loved her Ariel jewelry so much she wore the necklace the next day to school. She was also so excited about the clip on earrings.
Our house this year!
We had a great Halloween and Lilli is already looking forward to doing it again!

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