Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Time Blues

One should never have to entertain themselves when going potty.She's also kind enough to share the pictures with Baby Roses. This was Noah's Ark, her version of Noah's Ark goes a little something like "And Jesus said, HEY, all you people and animals get in my boat." The story of Adam and Eve goes a little bit like "HEY, you people DON'T EAT MY APPLE." In her world, it's really a story about sharing.
This time of year is just plain boring. It's basically dark when we get home, and there's only so many stories we can read and toys we can play with. One night we made pudding, just because for no apparent reason I have a ton of pudding, and it's an easy one for Lilli to make pretty much all on her own.
We also made these incredibly easy little turkey faces. Graham cracker + large marshmallows + mini choc chips and add the candy corn after you micro for about 10-15 seconds.
And we also made this little turkey from a kit I got at Michaels. All these things were already 75% off a few weeks ago so I got it for $1. She loves gluing and making little things like this, so it was a big hit.
That was the first of several turkey crafts we've made lately!!!

Another thing we're trying this winter is FlyLady to help us keep our house cleaner, more organized and clutter free. We started this week, with the current zone being our Master Bedroom. The premise is spending 15 mins (or so) a day and working through your house in zones to keep your house clean overall. With the holiday later this week we've accelerated and doubled up on a couple of things, but our bedroom is already looking SO much cleaner and less cluttered in a style more manageable with our limited time to clean! Hopefully having someone give me small projects a day will help us inch towards of goal of getting rid of the junk that accumulates around here.

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