Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gentry's Farm Pumpkin Patch Visit, Part 1

Almost two weeks ago my parents came up for the day Saturday to go to the pumpkin patch with us. Of course Pippin had to get some quality time in, too.This was Lilli's third year to visit the pumpkin patch. In 2009, we made the mistake of going to Honeysuckle Hill (link is to 2009 post). It's a horrible mess of lines and waiting, but it was easy to get pictures of her since she couldn't run away from us yet! In 2010, we went to Walden Farms pumpkin patch. Much better managed farm, but it's ala carte so we knew this year it would cost us more since she would want to ride things and play in the Kids Area. So we tried out Gentry Farm in Franklin this year. I would def visit this one again, a good size, with an actual pick your own pumpkin patch, and well run with minimal crowding and waits.

Brent took a ton of pictures so I'm going to split them in two posts.

Lilli and Dad in the corn maze. Since it had all been blown over by Hurricane Lee it wasn't very challenging...
My one gripe is there were animals, but nothing you could pet. Lilli did have to be pried away from the turkeys.
I'm not sure what it is kids love about corn cribs, but they do! She could have played here all day.

They had a cute kids maze with hay-bales and slides and "obstacles" worked in.
The talent refused to pose with us for a girls picture. She is far too particular these days.
They have a nice hayride around the property. You get to see the cows they raise (for Angus beef) and they talk about the old historic homes on the property.

They have lots of Kid play areas with little farm sets, cabins, cookware, and tee pees.
Alas, compared to prior years our corn and pumpkin pictures just aren't quite as good. The posing (or refusing to) is at an all time high.

There wasn't a good one of the three of us to be had.
More to come from the actual pumpkin patch next time!

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