Monday, November 7, 2011


On the 25th of October, we went to see Wicked! I had bought us tickets the day they went on sale, way back in the summer. I think last time it came to Nashville was pretty soon after Lilli was born and we didn't have anyone we really trusted to babysit. Thank goodness for Stephanie!!

I think one of the main things I appreciate about her is that they don't just sit around and watch movies or TV. That's not how we do things, and thankfully she's the same way. This time she texted me a couple of days before and asked if I would mind if she and Lilli carved pumpkins that night. Well of course not!! I also got them stuff to make their own pizzas for their dinner.Of course with someone else she always gets away with a little more than with us! She never wants to put sauce on hers (that's the difference in cheese bread and pizza.....) but we make her. She was very excited to tell us that Stephanie didn't make her.
We left a camera with Stephanie so we could enjoy all the fun stuff they did.
After they ate they carved pumpkins. We've never actually done this with her, we're just not big carving people.
We bought some fun templates for the pumpkin and they did a Big Bird one.
Playing in the goop.
While they were doing all that....we were enjoy our seats at Wicked. It was awesome, for sure one of the best productions we've been to. There are several great shows coming to Nashville this year we want to see, so hopefully we'll be back at Broadway soon. Wicked tells the story of the Wizard of Oz from the perspective of the Wicked Witch and Glinda. It's really hilarious and the performers in the production were awesome. I could see it again and again.
Their finished big bird!
So cute!
So we all had a great night out/in. We are so thankful for Stephanie and her fun spirit with Lilli! Lilli is ALWAYS excited to see her and so is Pippin! She talks about Stephanie so much that sometimes when she's talking about people who live here in the house that she adds her in, and I can never tell her she's coming over more than about a day ahead of time because she just gets too excited about. Guess we'll have to plan another date night soon!

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