Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pretty Dresses Come to Those Who Wait

I bought this dress for Lil a long time ago at a consignment sale for cheap, under $10 and I think I may have only paid $6 for it. I absolutely love it, but I've literally been holding onto it for probably about a year or year and a half. It's very us, vintage but modern classic. She was super excited to wear it a couple of Sundays ago and declared it a princess dress.
The bow is just gorgeous. She got a ton of compliments.

Ariel tattoo on one arm, ladybug on the other.
Pippin was playing in the back and heard her playing in the front-side. The gap is large enough for him to see what goes on but not to be able to squeeze through. Perfect for cats to run through. Torture, I tell ya.
So glad tomorrow is Friday! Since my office went from business casual every day to declaring ourselves casual every day (meaning we can now wear jeans any day of the week, where before we could NEVER wear them!) I've got some casual clothes shopping to do this weekend, along with a few other things like getting my hair done and a friends housewarming party on our agenda!

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