Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We weren't able to add to our "major holidays without an illness" non-streak. The stomach virus ended up hitting me hard at 2 am on through until about 6 am this morning. Ugh. I ended up staying home today for obvious reasons. I think this was literally the first time I've stayed home by myself like that (or for any reason) since Lilli was born. Crazy. I think Pippin enjoyed the alone time. Around noon I started feeling a lot better so hopefully I'm on the mend once and for all.

These are probably some of the last pictures you'll ever see of our cat. The Perrys fed all these stray cats for a long time, then when they moved Oct 1 they pretty much (totally) just left them. So we started feeling sorry for them and started feeding them, and the black one is really friendly and would let us all play with him and pet him. It actually ran into the house once and was always waiting around for us.If you look in the window you can see Pippin staring out, watching.
Anyway, four weeks later Mark decided he missed the cat and called Brent to see if they were hanging around still. How awful!! A month later! Ridiculous. Anyway, they came over here while we were at work and caught the black one and took it. Personally I think it's terrible to abandon an animal for that long and then decide you just want it. Of course Lilli keeps talking about her cats but hasn't quite noticed the black one is gone. The white one is still hanging around some, but we're trying to get it to move on since it's not friendly or warming up. At least (we hope) the positive is that Mark can give it more attention than we can.
We found a new favorite Italian restaurant on Music Row. It's delicious, homemade everything, and they were so nice to Lilli. I wouldn't describe it as kid friendly (they really don't even have a kid menu) but the people were kid friendly. We take her everywhere and actually prefer places like that where there aren't a bunch of noisy kids!
She always loves the big Rooster on Music Row!
That gets us up to the weekend where we went to the Pumpkin Patch!

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