Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Activities

A few pics of some of the Halloween activities we did this year....

This one cracks me up. We didn't have the best time of health around Halloween, with Lilli with the stomach bug first and then me, and this was one that drug out for several days. Brent had gone to the grocery store for us and gotten some candy to give out. She loves to help put up the groceries, so when she saw the candy she marched into her room, found her scissors and went to work getting into that bag. Creativity and problem solving did get her one piece of candy for her efforts!We did some trunk or treating/festivals. Here's the princess on her throne.
Checking out all that candy!!
We made little gift baskets with the cookies we baked for her teachers, and then little bags of candy for her classmates. She made little Happy Halloween note cards and signed her name on all of them.
We also made little ghosts out of our feet. She does the cutest job drawing on faces. A lot of her faces currently have mustaches (why???) but luckily her ghost did not!
We hung the finished ghosts on her door. She wanted to do two of her feet, and then there's Pippin's foot, my foot, Brent's foot and a second (HUGE) Pippin foot she did and we glued feathers on. Feathers make all art projects better!!

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