Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last Sunday afternoon we went to a pumpkin patch in Springfield (Honeysuckle Hill Farms) in the hopes of having some special, All-American family time and of course take some good pics of Lilli in the pumpkins to use as some of her 9-month pictures. Pretty much every weekend since the farms opened has been FULL of rain, and when last Sunday was somewhat sunny (although pretty chilly) we loaded up and went. As did most of North Nashville. GPS did an AWFUL job getting us there, but when we got close we just followed the LINES of cars. And once we got there we spent 45 minutes in line JUST TO GET IN! They really, really don't know how to work a crowd. Later that afternoon I stood in line for 20 minutes for cider while Brent was feeding Lilli and still never got close enough to even SEE the counter. Their hayride had no actual hay and after all the awesome petting zoos we've been to in the past few weeks the fact that their goats wouldn't give us the time of day and they had a DOG IN A CAGE as a "petting zoo animal" left us looking for a better pumpkin farm for next year. But, they do have lots of playground stuff and fun corn mazes, this place just wasn't worth it to us. HOWEVER, we did get some great pictures of Lilli near some hay and also in the pumpkin area. (I also got spoiled in WV where you picked your pumpkin off a vine versus pumpkins tossed in a field, but this prob made for better pictures!)

On the hayride:She made friends with an elementary school girl sitting next to us by pulling her hair. The girl kept scooting closer and closer to us, by the end of the ride she was shoulder to shoulder with me and playing with Lilli.

On the haystacks: Look at those two teeth!
In the pumpkins:
Starting to get excited about the pumpkins!
The usual "this is so exciting" face!
Sampling a pumpkin....
Standing in the pumpkin patch (she stands everywhere, all the time now!)
Squatting in the pumpkin patch, one of my faves!
More standing!
And a fall.....Just a few more days until it's costume time! We got all the decorations out this weekend and our house is a-glow with Halloween spirit, inside and out!

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