Sunday, January 3, 2010

Party Girl Sunday

This afternoon we had a birthday party to attend for one of our little friends turning 2! It's hard to believe Kairo is already 2 since we remember when he was just a newborn and we were taking our friends Mark and Wesley dinner, and now he's 2 and they have another one on the way due this summer!

Lilli was the youngest kiddo there by about 8 months, but since she's an early walker (and totally steady on her feet) she was able to hold her own and play well with all the others. For Christmas Kairo got this awesome train table and all the kids gravitated towards it. I wish Brent had gotten a picture of her playing with it! She pushed the trains around and chewed on a few and was pretty interested in it for several minutes (which is pretty much a Lilli eternity). At one point the birthday boy himself (with the red shirt on) came over and wasn't pleased that she had two of his trains - he grabbed them and tried to wrestle them away but my girl held her ground and he moved on. Way to go Lilli! I'm pretty sure she's VERY used to holding what she's got from playing with all her daycare buddies! She toddled all around the party and thankfully never got mowed over by any of the older ones and was in a great mood the whole time despite the limited "car-only" naps that she ends up with on Sundays. She looks so small compared to the boys here!
At the end Wesley wanted a picture of all the kids that were still there. That was pretty much the impossible task with so many toddlers! This was as good as it got - after a LOT of tries! At least they're all in the frame at the same time!
Lilli loved all the balloons and how they were up on the ceiling by the skylights!
Our friend Keaton was also showing her her reflection on the back of a mylar balloon which she just LOVED. She loves looking at herself in the mirror these days, and can also pick out herself in pictures.
Balloons!!!It's hard to believe Lilli will be One 3 weeks from today! We've got the site booked for her own little toddler party (it's going to be adorable chaos of babies!), I ordered the party supplies for her theme tonight, and we did a little photo shoot this afternoon so Brent can work on the invitations. And we're going to talk to a local photographer we know to possibly come and photograph it so we can focus on enjoying the party ourselves while still having it heavily documented in a style we like, so hopefully she'll cut us a deal! So, Lilli's special day is starting to come together, too!

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