Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shots and Visits

Today was a busy Saturday! It started WAY too early when Lilli started waking up at 6:15 instead of her normal 7:30. I don't like this time change thing and the sun being out so early! I always leave her a couple of toys and books on her crib and she played with them and drifted back to sleep until a little after 7. Then we had an appointment at 10:15 with her Pedi for her flu shot. This year she only had to get one (last year it was split in two doses, plus the H1N1 was two doses for a total of 3 extra pedi visits since they didn't totally overlap with regular visits. Total Pain.) She loved being at the doctor's until we actually had to go back to the room, and she's onto what that means. I don't dress her up for shots on purpose, but I have learned that dresses with tights/bike shorts are much easier for getting on and off quickly when the world is ending. I got the little dress for $3 this week and the shoes for $3 (Laura Ashley!) at a consignment sales this week, and the leggings were $4 at Target. $10 for the full outfit (the bow was a hand me down.) Too cute! She got over the shot pretty quickly and was able to tell the nurse Bye and Thank You (she complemented her outfit) before she even left the room. Plus I promised her she could watch a movie in my car on the way back, and that pretty much sealed the deal.
Not too long after we got back home her Grandparents and Great Granny showed up for a visit, bringing gifts as always.
There's a new little bunny in the house now...
she made her appearance in a few pictures.....

While Lilli and Great Granny took afternoon naps, Brent and his dad got all the lumber loaded onto the trailer. We really weren't sad to see this big pile of lumber (our old deck) being pulled out the side gate of our backyard. Actually, I think Pippin probably was a little sad to see it go. He's marked it well and uses it as a shield to hide from Lilli at times.
And now I guess we don't have an excuse for getting started on the backyard landscaping!

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