Saturday, November 6, 2010


Tonight we needed to go out to Costco and pick up some pictures Brent sold someone. Everywhere we go it sort of feels like Elton John is riding along in the backseat, especially when she's wearing white pants.She has a love-hate with the glasses. She won't just leave them on, so she's constantly poking herself in the eye and getting mad at them.

She does not want a giant Rudolph for Christmas. What she really wanted was the keyboard she was playing with right before this.
Then we went to Blue Coast Burrito for dinner. We normally get her the quesadilla but she's a little burnt out on them, so we thought we'd try the kids burrito. She likes rolled up stuff, and it was a big hit!
She absolutely loves salsa, so dinner tonight was right up her Mexican alley.
I needed to run in Old Navy and grab a couple more pairs of tights for her since it's gotten cold. I could hear when she and Brent walked in the store because I heard a little voice excitedly screaming, when she saw the Old Navy mannequin dog in the front of the store. This little one in the back by the kids area was also a huge hit!
I am looking forward to an extra hour of sleep tonight, woo hoo!!! Fall Back everyone!

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