Friday, November 12, 2010

Date Night

Tonight Lilli had a hot date with her buddy Liam. They are absolutely hilarious together. I wish I had a video of them when they saw each other for the first time tonight, they both just smile and laugh and get so excited. I told her on the way home this afternoon that we were having dinner with Liam and during the hour we were home before we left she'd just keep randomly keep repeating his name. The old friends shared a bowl of salsa and some chips.. There was a lot of double-dipping going on. For some reason the service was awful tonight. They brought out about half the food and then they pretty much just forgot mine and Liam's order, so by the time my food was brought out she was pretty much done. After we ate the two of them got to run around outside in the the small grassy area. They love to just chase each other and climb all over the benches.
Liam tripped and then Lilli pretended to trip and that became a new game in and of itself.
They were absolutely fascinated with the security sign and the Mexican figurine statue. They kept running around it taking turns pulling on it all. Thankfully they're both up to date on all their shots (well, Lilli is getting her flu shot tomorrow).
Silly kiddos! They had the best time running around out there, they will both sleep well tonight!
And here's a video of them cracking each other up at the table. Lilli was telling him "Boo" to "scare" him and he was just cackling away. Hilarious. They had been doing it for a while before the video started so they were kind of winding down.

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