Saturday, November 20, 2010


Kind of a plain old Saturday around here today. The weather was gorgeous and we spent most of the morning across the street at the playground. Brent spent most of the morning painting and throwing junk out of the upstairs. He found this Potato Head (and we seriously have no clue where this thing came from!!) and it's found a new owner in the house. And since he has glasses Lilli had to wear her glasses....We decided we wanted Indian food for dinner tonight and headed over to our favorite Indian place - Cuisine of India - over near Vandy for dinner. That was actually where Lilli ate out at for the first time ever. Except when we veered across 21st we noticed it's now called Mr Happy Burrito. Seriously not the same. We were still in the mood for Indian so we went to our second favorite spot, Sitar, over near Baptist hospital. In the transition we got stuck in tons of UT vs Vandy football traffic, ugh.
Lilli enjoyed the papadan, (basically Indian chips and salsa) but wouldn't eat any of the curries. I had brought a lunchables and some other food for her just in case, so it worked out fine.
She was wound UP and was talking to the waiters the whole time we were there. Indian restaurants always have great service - as soon as you drink anything they're filling your glass back up - so she was talking, shaking hands, waving, flirting the whole time. Before we left the owner told us something like "Wow, she's about the friendliest kid there is". I think that basically meant she talks a lot. And MAN, she never stops talking these days. I don't even know how many words she has - it's pretty much all of them now. I'm pretty good and translating, but sometimes it takes me a while on ones I don't expect like "applesauce", "sleeves", and so on.
We bought a cupcake last night from a new sweets shop in the neighborhood and today Kroger had one with a squirrel on top that I knew she'd love, so we split those 3 ways tonight when we got home and watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. A nice way to end a Saturday!

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