Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ordinary Day

Today was a pretty ordinary Sunday. I totally forgot to take a picture of Lilli in her little sweater and skirt and she was darling (as usual) this morning! She had more of a legging tights on under her skirt and when we picked her up from Sunday school she had folded them up into shorts under her dress.

We went for a walk after her nap this afternoon and she wanted to pose with the turkey our alley neighbors have in their front yard. She loves this thing and we have to stop every time we drive by and look at it for a minute.Of course that quickly turned into "I Want Your Camera!"
She is such a good kitchen helper. As soon as I start doing any sort of cooking she drags a chair in to help. Tonight I let her sprinkle the cheese on top of the chicken casserole dish we were making. It was so good and easy - just 5 ingredients - cut up (raw) chicken, sour cream, cream of mushroom soup, stuffing mix and cheese! Very good!!! (And we use fat free soup and light sour cream to make it a little healthier.) We served with rice pilaf and green beans.
It was a little too tempting not to eat some of the cheese....
And she helped mix the rice we made to go along with it.
Such a good little helper and Pippin took care of my floors for everything that was dropped! Aren't they just the best?

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