Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Day in the Life

Dear Grandma, Please send me a bigger robe for Christmas. It's getting a little drafty in here but look at my fun new chair!Lilli had a great time drawing on the board after our Sunday school class this morning with her buddy Taylor. She just LOVES him and they sat behind us this morning which pretty much sent her over the moon. She was WILD today, that extra hour of sleep just made her a handful ALL day today. Whew. And yes, marker was on her face and pretty much all over her.
After church we went to Michaels where she was drawn to more markers.
She had such a blast at Michaels, who knew they had so much for toddlers??? I got quite a few things for us to do some little craft projects for Christmas. She really marches to her own beat, and it was no surprise her Sunday School teachers said she was just singing away with their songs this morning. She is such a mess.

We had lunch at Long John Silvers, where she had ketchup with a side of lunch.
I tried to get some pics of her in her adorable little dress, but she was more focused on chasing poor Pippin.
And doing every little thing he was doing.....
And chasing him some more....
And then greeting the Perrys when they got home from church.
And loving on Pippin some more. I think if he could talk he would say "Isn't it nap time yet?"
We played some ball,
but I don't think she has much of a future in it.
And after nap-time we headed to Adam and Julia's for Life Group. She and Haven were pretty much in love with Baby Owen. Lilli is OBSESSED with babies and he didn't have a chance tonight.
And that was our Sunday!

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