Thursday, November 11, 2010

Odds and Ends

After getting up multiple times with Pippin last night I made him a vet appointment for this afternoon at 3. And once again we came home to him having had some accidents in his crate today, ugh. Otherwise he's acted totally fine and of course was WILD when I took him to the vet. Clearly he doesn't have any kind of problem that makes him really feel bad!!! He just loves going to the vet and licks them in the face the whole time they're poking and prodding on him and doing all sorts of inappropriate things. They did some samples and $71 dollars later they determined he just has some kind of bug or got into something that has upset his GI tract. He has some antibiotics, has to take Immodium D every 12 hours and got a special prescription diet of food for the next couple of days that's supposed to be easier for his stomach. Hopefully that will help him out and he can get over this bug! I went straight from the vet to pick up Lilli and she just thought it was hilarious that he was waiting in the car for her. Her little friend Aaron was leaving right behind us and he got some special Pippin licking in, too.

As soon as I pulled out my camera tonight she put her hands over her face and wouldn't let me take her picture, ha! The second she hears me fire up the gas range she starts dragging a chair in to help with dinner. Tonight we had Corn Chip Tilapia with Rice and Green Beans. She was a big fan!
Our big girl likes to put her own socks and shoes on (or at least try). She's also incredibly opinionated about which shoes she wants to wear. How in the world she got her sock on in this strange configuration is beyond me!
And this is what Brent has been working on this week - the "landing" of the upstairs. We had to buy very little stuff for this, and were able to use some leftover pieces from the kitchen floor for the border and some leftover pieces from the stair landing for the inside. The flooring piece is done and now he's working on the molding and cap for the half wall on the other side. It's really looking great! It will be so nice to paint and clean that room up and have a nice guest room/studio upstairs.

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